Product Launches

Launched April, 2015: Project Rock Golem, focusing on performance and usabilty improvements to WeWork's iOS app.

Redesigned September, 2014: WeWork's Member Network

Launched May, 2014: Yahoo Mail's Overview Site.

Launched June, 2013: Anchor by Tomfoolery Inc. for iPhone and Android.

Launched January, 2013: Moviefone Desktop Site Redesign (has since been updated).

Launched September 2012: Entrance by AOL for Windows Phone, in partnership with Nokia.

Managed and released updates January 2012 through March 2013 for Moviefone Mobile Apps.

Launched August, 2011: Editions by AOL for iPad.

Launched March, 2011: Play by AOL for Android.

Launched December, 2009: Rally Up for iPhone.


Work Sample: Entrance by AOL, September 2012

Windows Phone 7 App Partnership with Nokia

Roles: Product Manager, Interaction Designer & Partner Relations

On this project I worked closely with Nokia, AOL Mobile Business Development Leads, in house designers and an external remote development team to build Entrance by AOL. Entrance is an entertainment hub mobile first application combining content from AOL's top entertainment sites: Huffington Post Entertainment, Moviefone, and AOL Music. The project was initiated June 2012 and we successfully launched Entrance on September 5th, 2012. Entrance was nominated for the #Appsters Award "Best Entertainment App" by Apps World 2012.

On this project I managed the design and development teams including a remote team based in Slovenia. I assisted with partner relations (Nokia)  and worked closely with the AOL Business Development team to produce a mobile first product that fit with both AOL's mobile initiatives and Nokia's efforts to promote the new Lumia device. In addition to product strategy and development, I lead and managed usability testing of the app at various stages before final submission and release.


Interaction Design (info map) below completed by myself, with the final product design completed by in house visual design team.