In it to win it. 

I’m passionate about beautiful design, fluid user experiences, efficient teams, and shipping products (also my sweet cat Misty… but that’s another story.) Though I graduated with a degree in Biology from UCSC in 2008, I quickly discovered that wireframes were far more interesting to me than mitosis. So I co-founded a graphic design studio, followed by Rally Up, a location-based mobile application and mobile dev shop. Rally Up was snatched up by AOL in 2010.

At AOL I held a variety of influential Product Management and Interaction Design roles. I focused on leading teams to build, test, and successfully launch mobile first and web products such as Editions, Play by AOL, Entrance, and Moviefone. I take pride in building eye-catching, intuitive mobile and web products while running highly effective and empowered teams. My work has led to many awards and accolades, the least of which is "Best Laugh in All of Silicon Valley."

After 2.5 years at AOL, I left to join a startup Tomfoolery where I led Product Management building gorgeous mobile first applications that made work awesome. After 1 year, Yahoo acquired Tomfoolery, and I joined the Yahoo Mail team as a Product Manager working on special projects.

I have always been passionate about helping people. My long term goals included contributing to a team that builds products to solve big problems that directly impact and improve people's lives. After a short time at Yahoo I moved to New York City and joined WeWork as Director of Social Products. I now lead a team of eight working towards the goal of making our members more successful. I do what I love everyday and look forward to the future of helping others around the world do what they love, too.



 Photo by  Ike Edeani

Photo by Ike Edeani